Advent of smartphones has made many spheres of life easy. From online shopping, to banking, handling daily chores all can be done from a touch on your cell phone screen. Supporting fast internet speed, modern browsers, high definition cameras and robust apps smartphones has changed the blogging business revolutionary. Now bloggers don’t have to sit in front of their PCs or laptops and make posts or uploads images. All this can be done from their smartphone.  Indeed advanced blogging functions, writing posts to uploading images and videos all can be done even when a blogger is travelling.

Being an ardent Android Fan I will share of the high quality Android apps that are must for every blogger.

Mange Your Blogging

WordPress App: This app allows you to manage all your wordpress blogs from your phone. It provides all those wordpress tools which are available in its online version. From creating new posts to managing all the comments you received on your posts, to uploading multimedia files on your blog all can be done through this app. You can also analyze your blog visitor’s statistics from it. And it is a FREE app.  

Text Editors

QuickOffice App: Many bloggers prefer to first write their post in word and then paste it to the html editor of their blog. Then this app is for you. In this paid App ($14.99) you can connect with your dropbox, Google Docs and other online document sharing site accounts. 

Writer App: If you like to write your posts in plain text editors than instead of paid word docs, you can use this FREE writer app which provides you with simple, free plain text editor. 

DroidEdit Pro App: This one is my favorite. This app provides you with best of the environment for writing and editing your HTML posts. Bloggers liking hi-fi features will love this app because of its syntax-based color-coding, keyboard shortcuts, HTML previews, and connections to Dropbox features. But for all this one has to pay the price of ($1.69) which is worth spending.

Image Editing

FX  Photo Editor App:  This paid ($3.99) android app can make image editing an easy task for bloggers using android smartphones. In this app you will find options for image editing like resize, rotate, crop and many more complex process.

Photoshop Touch App: This one is perfect for android tablets. Taking flexibility of your bigger screen you can add layers to your images with this app for which you have to pay $9.99.

Analytics and Social Media

gAnalytics App: This free app gives you the mobile version of your Google Analytics. With this you can manage all your analytics accounts from your smartphone.  

Hootsuite App: Sharing a blogpost in social media is good for blogging. So to continue that from your android phone Hootsuite is a good option. Professional bloggers can add their social media profiles for Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter at one place and can manage all from social media management dashboard of the FREE app. 

File Management

Explorer + File Manager Pro App: After paying $3.99 for this app one can directly access all their files from their android phone.

FTP Café App: If you want to manage your ftp from your phone this app is apt for that. At the cost of $3.99 FTP Café offers you all the functions which an FTP can do from file upload to download.

Notes and Reading

gReader Pro App: Pay $5.99 and get this gReader Pro App in your android phone which wil let you e-read through your favorite blogs.

Evernote App: This is a FREE cloud-based notes App in which you can make endless notes.

Author Bio: Catherine Jones writes for residential voip home phone service. She is a freelance blogger and likes to write about various topics like social media, latest technology trends.


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