First things first, we need to find a topic to base your blog around.The ideal scenario is to choose something you are passionate about and which there is also a large, profitable market for. An important piece of advice is to note rule anything out. Even the wackiest ideas and the tiniest niches can be highly profitable.

Choose your topic and search its demand on internet. As i told previously that a good blog is collection of topics.

A good place to start is to check out the number of searches on the Google ExternalKeywordTool ( for a particular subject. 

Whilst it helps if you have an interest in the topic you choose, my advice would be to go for an ‘evergreen subject’ – one which never goes out of fashion and people ALWAYS have an interest in. They might not be particularly unique, but in my experience a blog on one of

The following subjects is sure to be popular:

  •  Money
  •  Dieting
  •  Health and Fitness
  •  Relationships
  •  Parenting

There is a lot of competition but that isn’t a bad thing. There are BUYERS in these niches

Here is list of blogging topics from which you may choose and start your blog today 

A High Traffic Niche via Keyword Research

Okay, so by this point you might have a couple of ideas in mind - maybe two or three? This is a way to narrow down that list and make your final decision. At the end of this process, I'd suggest you pick the one that has the most traffic potential and that you wouldn't mind writing about on a very regular basis. Take your list of ideas and think carefully about what people would type into the search engines to find the type of information you want to blog about.

Let's work through an example.

Let's say we want to blog about Online money. What would people type in the search engines to get more information on this subject?

  • free money online 
  • earn money online
  • get money online 
  • how to earn money online 
  • make money online

You will need to take note of these keywords, so you can incorporate them into the titles and content of your blog posts, for a spot of essential SEO to get some search  engine traffic.

Making A Final Decision on Your Topic

Now, this is crucial...

If you procrastinate and are indecisive you’ll never make any money from this method. Don't fall at the first hurdle by not being able to make a final decision on the topic of your blog.

Be firm with yourself, make your final decision and stick to it! If you really can't choose between a couple of things, perhaps you can combine them on the one blog, as suggested earlier, for a unique approach. But remember once you have a routine of putting content on your blog, it's been monetized and you have got a steady stream of traffic, then there is nothing stopping you starting another blog and repeating the whole process.

That’s the beauty of blogging – they can be set up very easily and you can be making money from them VERY quickly indeed.


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