So you’ve found a niche, but how do you know what kind of information people in your niche crave?

Obviously it’s important to know a lot about what you’re blogging about. Ideally you want your readers to perceive you as an expert and someone who they can turn to for information and advice. Building up your knowledge, then, is essential:

It can be a help here to have your list of keywords, which we created in the previous chapter, to help you search out the most relevant information within forums, Yahoo Answers, articles and News.

At the end of this section I am also going to show you a way which means you will get new
information on tap - so you'll never run out of ideas!

Find Forums in Your Niche

Your first step in building up your knowledge is to find forums in your niche. This is as easy as going to Google and typing into the search box “your niche forum”. You will need to find busy forums in your niche and study the HOT topics, as these are the topics which people want to know more about. If people are talking about something then it’s a sure sign they have a burning issue or they’re passionate about the topic.

When you have located some good forums in your niche, sign yourself up and straight away make a new post asking whether anyone knows about any other websites, information products, blogs etc on the subject. Find the resources, products, and websites your target market like to read and go and read them yourself. It will instantly let you knowthe type of things people like to read about and gives you a flavour for the content/style people enjoy.

Get Ideas From Yahoo Answers

Another place to find the hottest questions (and answers) in your niche is Yahoo Answers ( This is a very popular website where people ask their most pressing questions about every topic under the sun. It is a goldmine of ideas! Be sure to explore questions and answers on your topic and take notes of interesting ones you could include and expand on in your blog posts.

Although Yahoo Answers is not mentioned in the traffic generation section later on in thereport, it is another great way to get traffic to your blog. If you answer a few questions a day, you will get some traffic coming back to your blog. All you need to do is put your blog URL in the source box.

Expand Your Knowledge With Articles

Expand your knowledge by subcribing to different websites,newsletters or to blogs.

Make a note of all the articles of which articles are viewed most so that you may also know that what people are looking for what people like to read the most .What are they in search of so that on related topics you may write for them.

Your Topic in The News

Everyone likes to keep up with the latest trends and news on their favourite subjects, so part of your job as an expert blogger will be to keep your readers updated.

Subscribe to google news alert to keep updating yourself about your niches and keep up your knowlewdge


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