Now if your blog has been setup its time to add content to your blog.Content is the main and the most important thing of your blog.Content is the key to making money from your blog.You can have all the widgets, plugins, bells and whistles, but if your content doesn't make people stick around, then it's all for nothing. 

Write It Yourself and Give It Your Personality 

If you can write a letter, you can write a blog post. That is a good mindset to have – think about your readers as friends, who you are writing a letter to. You will want to make them laugh, recommend a product that has helped you and infuse your personality throughout the letter.

How can you fill your content with your personality?

Let your reader know your story. Let them into your life by providing snippets of information. This will show your reader that you are human – a human that they can relate to. People love reading stories, so make sure your blog posts have some. This can be the story of how you achieved something, how you overcame something, how you developed your interest in your topic and stuff like that. Of course, with stories like these you can also ask your readers to share their stories as well, so everyone can learn from each other. That interactivity should be the ultimate aim in your blog writing endeavours, and is hard to achieve unless you write the content yourself.

  • Other types of stories can include things happening around you -
  • A conversation you might have overheard and how it relates to your blog topic
  • Your take on something happening in the news, and how it affects you
  • Something you read that gave you a brain wave
  • What your children did to make you laugh and how it reminds you of the important things in life
  • Things that you tell your friends

Keep a notepad with you at all times and jot down anything interesting that happens to
Can you relate that interesting snippet to something in your blog (even if it is a really tedious link, as this will make your readers smile)? Will it make your readers see you as more human?

Those are the secrets to good content on your blog.

Outsource Your Blog Posts

If the thought of writing and even rewriting scares you to death, then you can consider outsourcing. It can take a while to find a good writer, but find one and it can be a massive time saver. Probably the best ways to find good writers is to ask for recommendations, or take a trip to the Warrior Forum (, where there are plenty of writers waiting for an exciting new writing opportunity like yours. If the person is any good you’ll be able to see it by the comments they are getting and the feedback from other forum members.

Auto Blog Content

If you want a REALLY hands off approach there are several plugins out there which will automatically post content to your blog. Plugins such as AutoBlogged take content from RSS or Atom Feeds and posts it to your blog. Cool huh!

Extra Content Tip: Putting Video in Your Blog

Everyone loves videos. Adding videos will make your readers stay on your blog for longer – and they are great for traffic too. You can either create your own videos or you can find a good related video on YouTube, which you can embed into a blog post.


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