View private Facebook Profiles

In post i will tell you how to view private facebook profiles,This latest hack proves that anyone in the world is able to view anyone’s private tagged pictures,This is why facebook is not privite is still open even after such publicity all over the web.Major security threat.

Have you ever wanted to see pictures of an enemy but you couldn’t because her or his facebook account was set to private. Well thats all going to change because I will show you very simple way to view private facebook profiles

1. Login in your Facebook Account
2. Search for the person
3. Find the persons ID # by Clicking on Send messages
4. Copy and Replace the ID # to the link[Person’s ID]&op=1&view=all&subj=[Person’s ID]

5. Copy and paste the link in your browser
6. You should be able to see 10-20 pictures before facebook denies you access.



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