How to Send a Message using Bluetooth

This isn't really a hack or a cheat or anything, just a way to send a "message" to a bluetooth enabled phone.

Here it goes:

Items needed:

A phone with bluetooth connection.

Step 1: Go to "Contacts" on your phone
Step 2: Click on "New Contact"
Step 3: In the number section write whatever you want. I'm going to use 1337 as an example.
Step 4: In the name section write your message. I'm going to use "Bluejacked!" as an example.
Step 5: Now save this contact.
Step 6: Now you go on "Contacts" and browse the contact that you just made.
Step 7: Click on it, and choose "Send with bluetooth" or something like that.
Step 8: Choose your target and click "Send"

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