Cross-Site Scripting

'Cross-Site Scripting' also known as 'XSS' in short is a kind of vulnerability that exist in era of both web applications as well as os based applications, but in most cases in web applications.You might be wondering why it's known as 'xss' not 'css' reffering to the full form.Well, basically css is already a reserved abbreviation of 'Cascade Style Sheets'.It allows malicious code to be executed on a vulnerable server most probably session hijacking to gain administrator privileges.Xss totally depends on cookies and session and though 'cookies' are known as the backbone of Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability.

Brief Description On The Paper:

The paper is based on the bypassing of filtration of a common web application security hole known as Xss(Cross site scripting). Xss being a common hole is winning attention of webmasters and their concerns about the afteraffects and the danger that can be exploited through a possible xss hole, and because of this most webmasters are patching or acutally it can be said they are filtering and sanitizing common known xss injection strings to deny a malicious input or request to overcome xss holes.

These people think that it's just enough to filter some common known strings and boom that's it, but it's not likely to say that you have 'filtered' the holes with just some common known characters.

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