Video Course Adobe Photoshop CS5

ideo Course Adobe Photoshop CS5 (2010) ISO
50 video tutorials on the most popular graphics editor Adobe Photoshop CS5 in Russian. In this video course provides a detailed overview of Adobe Photoshop CS5, considered its main features, as well as displaying all the innovations through which the image processing has become more fast and easy.

List of lessons:
An overview of Adobe Photoshop CS5
1. New in Adobe Photoshop CS5
2. Interface
3. Switch the working environment
4. Working with panels
5. Panel History
Working with Files
1. Opening a document
2. Creating a document
3. Saving a document
4. Navigating the workspace
Initial processing of images
1. Working with layers
2. Working with masks
3. Working with channels
4. Working with guides
5. Working with color palettes
6. Image resizing
7. Cropping images
8. Transformation of images
9. Color modes
10. Adjustment layers
11. Fill in view of the contents
12. Puppet strain
Selection Tools
1. Overview of the toolbar
2. Selection. Working with the Magnetic Lasso tool
3. Using the tool Magic Wand
4. Tool Quick Selection
Drawing and shading
1. Tools brush and pencil
2. Tool Color Replacement
3. Tool Meeks brush
4. Tool Eraser
5. Tools gradient and Color
Retouching Tools
1. Tool Healing Brush
2. Tool "Spot Healing Brush
3. Tool Patch
4. Red Eye Removal
5. Tool stamp
6. Tools Blur, sharpness and finger
7. Tools Dodge and Burn
8. Instrument sponge
1. Basic information about filters
2. Filter Gallery
3. Filter Plastics
4. Filters blur
Vector objects and text
1. Tools for working with vector objects
2. Working with Text
3. Styles
Working with 3D-graphics
1. Creating a new 3D-layer
2. Management tools three-dimensional objects
3. Creating a 3D-surface
The ultimate training images to save or print
1. Preparing images for publication on the Web
2. Conservation and optimization for the Web
3. Printing images

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