13 Free iPhone 6 wallpapers Must In Your Pocket

Treating yourself to a new iPhone 6 this holiday season? Time to customize it.

Creative wallpapers for your home and lock screens are a great personal touch for any phone. Don't just stick with the pre-selected, built-in wallpapers — branch out.

To help you narrow down your search, we rounded up some stunning photos converted to fit an iPhone 6 screen. Here are 13 gorgeous wallpaper designs you can use for your new phone.
1. Swirling skies

2. Overhead city

3. Fall feeling

4. City at sunset

5. Towering skyscrapers 

6. Winter trees

7. Aerial landscapes

8. Overgrown

9. Neon streets

10. Sunrise

11. Campfire

12. Christmas music

13. Bubbly view


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