While your definition of success is probably different from someone else’s, not all bloggers are successful. There are so many blogs out there that it would be difficult for them all to make it big. Whether your definition of success is lots of followers or readers, or making tons of money on your blog, keep in mind these things that all successful bloggers do.

1. Write From the Heart
No matter what you’re blogging about, if you don’t believe in it, your readers are going to sense it through your writing. You need to make sure that you’re blogging about things you’re passionate about. When you write from the heart, you’re going to make an impression.

Whether you love what celebrities are doing, or your passion is your family, make sure this comes across. Remember, it’s never a good idea to blog just because you think you can make money on a specific topic. You’ll lose readers quickly, or you may never even gain traction in the first place. On top of that, you could get a reputation as a sell out.

2. Learn About SEO
If you really want to be successful, you need to be able to market your blog. There are many SEO strategies you can use for your website, no matter what blogging platform you’re using. Make sure you fill out all of the meta information. Ensure that you’re writing quality content that people are actually interested in.

Work on developing quality inbound links for your site and don’t forget to link to relevant information on other authoritative sites — this shows the search engines that you’re actually relevant to the topic you’re writing about. And if you don’t have a presence for your blog on social media, remedy this immediately.

3. Update Consistently
If you don’t update regularly, your readers are going to dwindle away. If they never know when you’re going to update again, they simply won’t come back. However, if they know that you’re going to update every Thursday, you’ll get a more consistent reader base. Even when you’re on vacation it’s a good idea to post at least small posts. No contract cell phone plans can help with this, since you can update to most blogging platforms from your cell phone. Readers will get a kick out of seeing that you’re posting from elsewhere in the world.

4. Interact With Readers
Let’s be honest here. If you’re not willing to take the time to interact with your readers, you shouldn’t be blogging for them. If this is the case, take your blog private and make it a journal. It’s just not worth it to anyone if you’re not going to respond to anyone. The most successful bloggers read comments that their viewers make, respond to them, and start conversations. Without your readers, your blog is not successful, no matter your definition of success. You won’t make money if you don’t have people coming to your site. And if your definition of success is readership, this will go away if you ignore them.

5. Give it Time
Your blog will not have 100,000 readers in the first week. You will not be making full-time pay in the first month. In fact, most bloggers don’t see anything near the success they’re looking for until they’ve been at it for at least a year. So, if you think that this is a great way to get your name out there and/or make money, you’re right. However, if you think it’s a get rich quick scheme, you couldn’t be more wrong.

In fact, many advertisers won’t even work with you until you’ve been around a while. How long this is depends on the advertiser. On top of this, search engines consider how long the site has been around in their algorithms, making it more difficult to get to the front page if you’re a new blog. Just be patient, success will come.

6. Interact With Other Bloggers
You know that you have to interact with your readers, but what about other bloggers? Did you know that you can make a name for yourself, either in a good way or bad, by how you interact with other bloggers? Read and comment on blogs in your genre. Offer guest posts, or ask others to guest post for you. This will increase your standing in the blogging community, which will in turn bring you more readers, and better success.

7. Keep Up With Equipment
It’s imperative to make sure that your computer and gadgets are current. Software and hardware updates are necessary if you want to take blogging seriously. Keep an eye out for Lenovo laptop deals and other sales to make upgrades. Your machine will need to operate fast with multiple tabs and browsers open and handling images and video files.


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