Delcam FeatureCam 2012

 FeatureCAM automates machining and minimizes programming times for parts on mills, lathes and wire EDM.
What makes FeatureCAM different

Feature-Based Technology to Streamline Programming

With FeatureCAM, you:
• Draw or import your part
• Identify part components as features (holes, pockets, surface milling, etc.)
• Click simulation
• You are done! NC Code is generated!

Knowledge-Based Technology to Increase Productivity

FeatureCAM automatically:
• Selects Tools
• Calculates Feeds and Speeds, including Stepovers and Depth of Cut
• Determines Roughing and Finishing Operations
• Generates Toolpaths and NC Code
• You can change any of the automatically selected machining suggestions.

FeatureCAM includes:
• Shared Network Databases for Tools and Feeds and Speeds
• Post Processor Library with 350+ Posts, with the Ability to
Create Custom Posts or Edit Existing Posts
• Feed Rate Optimization
• Application Programming Interface (API) for Macro
Creation and Program Customizations
• Job Quoting Tools
• Integrated 3D Simulation Package



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