Windows 7 Dark Netbook Edition x86 (Reupload 04-21-2011)

Windows 7 Dark Netbook Edition x86 New! Edition | 1.8 GB

Windows 7 Ultimate x86 that has been optimized to run on a netbook with a cool GUI and far more functionality than

Starter Edition.

I slipstreamed all critical and non-critical updated until 10/1/2010 and added the Intel Graphics drivers that most netbooks run.

And of course I added dark themes, icons, logon screen and wallpapers

I removed junk that you wont need on a netbook:

Languages (English Only)
AMD Drivers
Nvidia Drivers
Tablet PC
Natural Language
Speech Support
Printer Support
Parental Controls
Welcome Center
Windows Update ( I think it can be turned on from control panel but i dont offer it )

Post installer will run at first start up and silently install:
(Dont panic, it takes a few minutes at first start up screen!)

*Office 2003 Professional
*DAZ Loader 1.9.5
*Avast Free ( It installs Google Chrome optionally )

At 1st start you maybe will need to refresh theme. And if somehow logon screen go normal use the reg file in torrent!
I purposely left fax and modem support intact for E-fax purposes.

Fully installed, it only takes up about 7 GB and it runs like a top.


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